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Civil Engineering, Recruiting Agency, Building Engineering
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About Sentijn

Sentijn is a specialized organization that focuses on engineers in the fields of Civil Engineering, Construction, Mechanical, Industry and Offshore. Sentijn is part of the STAR Group Company that operates from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Our mission is to bring engineers together with innovative companies in a successful and sustainable way. We create interesting and challenging career opportunities for you as an engineer. We do this by sharing our knowledge of the market with you. For us, transparency and a reliable sustainable cooperation are paramount. Together we achieve more. Building a sustainable future for you and the world around us together. Do you literally contribute to the construction of a sustainable infrastructural project or high-rise? Or do you prefer to specialize in technical innovations such as 3D printing. We will introduce you to different possibilities and various projects in a targeted way, so that you can make a critical comparison and choose a job that suits you best. We are happy to transfer our expertise and guide you in making the right choice.