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Lunch Lecture by Dura Vermeer

Lunch Lecture by Dura Vermeer
Presented byDura Vermeer
LocationOnline at 13:00
DateMonday, October 19, 2020

How to increase your impact as a structural engineer?

Have you ever wondered what you could do as a structural engineer to contribute to a project further than just doing calculations? Then don't miss the upcoming lunch lecture given by Alex Nadal.

Alex Nadal has been active in Civil Engineering for over 20 years now, after a start as a structural engineer, he now does Tender- and project management of infrastructure and industrial projects in both the public and private sectors.

We give you the awesome opportunity to enjoy the interesting lecture with a delicious sandwich you can order yourself!

How to get a free lunch lecture sandwich

  1. Sign up for the lunch lecture at U-BASE/events

  2. Attend the lecture (we will check)

  3. Go to Butcher Leo van Vliet (after the lecture)

  4. Order your (1) favorite sandwich

  5. Pay for 1 sandwich (max € 3.70)

  6. Get your receipt and save it!

  7. Scan your receipt to a PDF

  8. Fill in the reimbursement form (found on

  9. Create 1 PDF of the reimbursement form and the receipt

  10. E-mail it to before November 7th.

  11. Receive the money before November 15th.

  12. Free sandwich!

Note: Only 1 sandwich on 1 receipt per person

Only for people who attended the lunch lecture 


Subscribe to the event and follow the link on October 19th at 13:00.