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Sports Day

Sports Day
Presented byAction
LocationTu Delft - X
DateSaturday, May 8, 2021

Hoping for sunny weather, Action is organising the Sports Day at the 8th of May, 14-16h! 

Get your sportsy outfit and join us at X (the sports centre on campus) for a game of volleyball and football. 

You don't need an X subscription to participate. However, if you would like to play football you do need one. If you don't have a subscription at the moment, you could consider buying one for a week (7 euros) or a month (22 euros) at the website of X. 

Subscripe via this form!

Depending on the amount of subscriptions we might make teams beforehand. If you want to be in a team with your best friend, you can state that in the form. 

See U!