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Get to know U

Hi everyone! ☀️

Welcome to U-BASE, join us for drinks and lets all have a good time together!

Day : 9th of September (Friday)
Time : 18:00-20:00 | 20:00 - 23:30
Location : Freezone D | Koperen Kat ( location )
Costs (New Members) : Three Drinks and Free Pizza !
Costs (Existing Members) : Three Drinks on us.
Costs (Non-members) :
€ 7.50

First year Master students

Are you a first year master student? Join U-BASE and get the Pizza for FREE
Because you are not a member yet, you can register through this Google Form
On the day itself, you can then choose to pay either €7.50 or register as a new member and get the pizza and drinks for free!

Existing members of U-BASE

Existing members of U-BASE that registered before september can join the event for drinks at Koperen Kat and register with the "register" button on this page.
3 Drinks on us at Koperen Kat.

We hope to see as many of U there!

~ Board 8