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Welcome to the new U-BASE website!


After months of hard work, Board 5 is very excited to welcome you to the new U-BASE website! So let’s address the elephant in the room right away; why did U-BASE need a new website?

Although the previous website looked modern and was functional, behind the scenes it became quite a challenge to work with. Since U-BASE has become bigger and bigger the last years, the demand for more control and automation rose. That's nice for the committees and Board members, but what about members? Well, remember that we’ve asked your name, email address and phone number for every event? Or that unsubscribing was quite a process with emailing and hoping for the best? And moving lead to emailing your new address (for the U-Profiel) as well.

That's all history now! With introducing a modern account and log in system you are in charge of your information at all times. Moving? Change your address yourself. New phone number? Make changes in your account so we can reach you. Signing up for an event? Log in, subscribe and we have your information linked. No need to let us know your contact details each time! The new website is also a big improvement for U!

But it doesn't stop there. Photo albums (also member-exclusive albums) of past events, a (soon) active career page with great opporunities by our partners and graduations are more prominent now. It's a continous work in process, and things will only get better. Check out the new website at your own pace and make sure to check it out regularly. If you have suggestions, found a bug or have problems in general, contact the Board!

Happy browsing!