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The road to the new website


Before each academic year a new U-BASE Board is preparing for their board year. Functions are divided and goals are set. Already in September 2019, so when we just started as a board, we’ve been analysing the digital side of U-BASE (including the previous website) and identified it’s shortcomings and our wishes. Besides that, privacy, usability and controllability were the main focus points.

Subscribing for events is a major feature of the U-BASE website. Asking members for the same information over and over again was very inefficient and felt unnessecary. Also operating it was not optimal. With U-BASE growing over the years this became a tedious job. We considered all options and came to the conclusion that starting from stratch would be the best option.

We found a partner which could deliver a website that met our wishes and demands. Signing contracts, making preliminary designs, adding content an setting up the structure of the website are phases we've seen. And this is the result! We're confident it will be an improvement for all users.

Happy browsing!