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Academic Update!


Starting from the academic year that has commenced past September, a number of courses in the Structural Engineering track have been moved from one quarter to another. You may have already noticed that this will also affect the study planning of 2nd-year Structural Engineering students and Building Engineering students (especially those in the Structural Design track), and in some cases also first-year students. To smoothen the transition from the old situation to the new, transition measures were designed in the past study year, after consultation of U-BASE and the Director of Studies.

We were informed last week that these transition measures, unfortunately, have not /not all been implemented in the Studyguide, which creates confusion among the students and teachers. It is good to know that all students are entitled to the following: those of the lecturers who have different exam moments for the different cohorts (1st year and 2nd-year students) have to make sure that every individual student, in the end, has two possibilities to take part in the exam. If you feel that for you this is not the case, or if you experience other difficulties due to the transition, please contact the responsible lecturer and/or Dr Karel van Dalen (SE) or Dr Roel Schipper(BE). You can also contact the commissioner of Education, Vincent Huigen ( for any questions regarding the changes. At all times it is good to verify your study planning well ahead, and check with the responsible lecturers whether the course is indeed taught in the quarter where you expect it to be based on the TU Delft Study Guide.

Please find the schedule with affected courses in the transition agreement. Need help planning the rest of your study? Maybe our information pages for Structural Engineering and Building Engineering can help you out, study booklet can be founnd there as well.