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U-BASE lustrum and the GALA


With U-BASE presenting Building and Structural Engineering in the faculty, the engineering life is not only anymore about stresses, strains and unity checks. Luckily not, within U-BASE there is quite some other distraction: from the Value of Design symposium to constructing a Concrete Canoe. From organizing a Study Tour to writing our beloved magazine U-Profiel or from taking pictures of events to course evaluations and organizing social events! All of this has been made possible by many dedicated members of the last five years in U-BASE, and many members before in the previous associations U-Dispuut, Betondispuut and CST-Dispuut. 

This year, U-BASE exists for 5 years. This calls for a special celebration. It is time to reunite everyone from the past 5 years again, and to celebrate the first ever U-BASE Lustrum. Therefore this year, the Lustrum Committee organizes extra activities and parties and they are preparing the first ever U-BASE Lustrum Gala. Here, the five year ‘birthday’ of U-BASE is celebrated with current members and U-BASE Alumni and of course, previous members of the other associations. 

The Lustrum gala will be a grand party with all your U-BASE friends. When you buy a ticket, you can expect free drinks, finger food, entertainment, a band, DJ’s, a cocktail bar, a photo booth, and many more things, all to celebrate this special anniversary! At the gala everyone will dress/suit up and you can either come with your friends or with a date. So stay tuned, the line-up will be announced soon and tickets are selling quickly! Get your outfit ready and we will see you at the Gala!

If you have any questions about the GALA or Lustrum, contact the Lustrum committee.

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