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External Relations

Tessel van Oers

Function External Relations
QQ Action Committee, Value of Design

Hi there!

My name is Tessel and I will be the next External Relations Commissioner. 

In 2018, I came to Delft to start the TU Bachelor of Civil Engineering. After that, I started the new master's last year with Structural engineering as a track and the building engineering modules. I joined U-BASE as a way to get to know more people from the masters and to find some extra activities, which I found in participating in the concrete canoe race. 

I really enjoyed combining my subject knowledge with fun activities, as I also hope to do the upcoming year by being the QQ for the Action committee and the "Value of Design" symposium. As a part of my function, I will also keep in contact with all the partners. We are always trying to organize some amazing activities in cooperation with our partners, which will create the opportunity for the students to meet interesting companies and vice versa! If U have any questions or want to become partners feel free to reach out!

I am looking forward to seeing U all in the upcoming events and activities!