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Promotion and PR

Karthick Sasikumar

Function Promo and PR
Hobbies E-sports, reading and travelling
QQ Media Committee and Concrete Canoe Committee


I am Karthick Sasikumar , second year master's student in the structural engineering track.I am from India and I belong to the Structural mechanics specialisation.

As an international arriving for my Master's at TU Delft, U-BASE helped me ease into the new space and people. I joined U-BASE during the introduction days last year and I was also a part of the action committee. The committee was the best part of a tough first year.

Joining an amazing board this year, I will be in charge of Promotion & PR; U-BASE has a lot of activities and events happening throughout the year. My job is to make sure that everyone is aware of all of the events and also make U-BASE known within the faculty and companies outside of school. I will strive to help create many good memories and make sure that they are shared with everyone! I hope to make the time U have with the BASE "Unforgettable"!

Feel free to contact me through email or just drop by the office. Hope to see everyone around the BASE! 

~See U