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The Education committee of 2019-2020 is co-formed by a group of 8 highly motivated fellow students: Karim Laham as Chairman; Richa Priyadarshi as Secretary; Victor Ghering and Alex Onitiu as Commissioners of 1st year courses BE; Laura Aboltina as Commissioner of 1st year courses SE; Mikhail James Commissioner of 2nd year courses; Menelaos Papamichelakis as Commissioner of CCB’s and Vincent Huigen as QQ.

Their one and only goal during the whole period will be, by all means, the tangible improvement of the education quality of the Master’s Program. That task will be achieved by a productive dialogue between committee members and students in order to convey their opinions and concerns to the faculty officials and lectures. Moreover, Education committee strive to build a bridge between students and lectures by sharing opinions on possible improvements that could lead to the betterment of the Master’s Program through respect and understanding on both sides.

This year a large number of courses will be covered in the evaluations by as much as possible students eager to help and CCB’s will be organized for the dissemination of research and projects currently being undertaken by the faculty. Most important, students should feel free to contact the committee members at any time about their individual concerns and questions.


  • Karim El Laham


  • Richa Priyadarshi


  • Laura Āboltiņa

    Commissioner SE

  • Menelaos Papamichelakis

    Commissioner CCB

  • Mikhail James

    Commissioner 2nd year

  • Victor Ghering

    Commissioner BE

  • Alexandru Onitiu

    Commissioner BE

  • Vincent Huigen

    Qualitate Qua

  • Paul Mako