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Cristina Román

Date and time: 16-11-2021 - 13:30

Track: Building Engineering

Topic: Factory in a Digital Model

Description: The project is centered on creating a digital environment in which various manufacturers' potential can be explored by designers. Giving access to test the possibilities of their products in an early design stage and finalizing the design in detail with the chosen product would signify a step further in the current way of the design process. At the same time, architects or designers would have design flexibility while the tool sets the boundary conditions necessary to turn their designs into buildable elements. However, to develop such a product steps need to be taken, and the collaboration of various manufacturers would be required.
That is why the specific approach of this project would then focus on creating this digital environment, firstly using the knowledge of a single company. Making it a proof of concept project.
The main attempt of this proposal is to encode Vianen’s factory in a digital model; encode their knowledge and bring the manufacturing process upwards into early design stages.