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Stephanie Ramos

Date and time: 30-01-2023

Location: TU DELFT - lecture hall D

Topic: Shear characterisation of a novel woven solar cell integrated textile for tensile structures application

Description: ensioned membrane structures are increasingly in demand, because of their ability to cover large spaces with minimum use of material. The material’s mechanical properties play a key role in the design of such structures. The shear behaviour is one of the main influential properties of woven textiles during complex deformations, such as the ones in doubly curved structures where the change in curvature challenges the shear-bearing capacity of the textile during its service life.
This study provides a methodology to characterise a novel uncoated woven solar cell integrated textile for tensile structure application. It consists of investigating the limit angle, that avoids damage to the inserted solar strips, and the determination of the shear stiffness of the material. To evaluate the applicability of the material, different mechanical properties are assessed. Mono-axial, picture frame and bi-axial tests were used to determine the strength, elasticity and shear modulus. All results have been validated by comparison with existing experimental data of similar architectural textiles.
This research introduces a method of investigation of shear properties of uncoated textiles that can be followed to evaluate other uncoated textiles. In addition, it is now possible to start a preliminary design of a tensile structure with the newly developed material. It is the first step in the introduction of the new building material.

Track: Structural Engineering