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Wouter van Wijnen

Date and time: 26th October 2020 16:00

Track: Building Engineering

Topic: Sustainable timber structures - Quantitative research evaluating the potential effects of carbon sequestration and cascading strategies in the Netherlands based on a comparison of the Dutch and European life cycle assessment methodologies

Location: Microsoft Teams

Description: To meet the climate goals set by the government, the building sector needs to reduce its contribution to the environmental burden on society. However, the current situation in the Netherlands presents a major challenge to build more to reduce the housing shortage, while at the same time reducing its environmental footprint. Therefore, alternative solutions to the status quo should be considered, which can reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

The goal of this thesis is to determine the environmental impact of multi-storey timber residential buildings and to make a comparison with a concrete building. Furthermore, the effect of cascading strategies on the environmental impact is analysed and the carbon sequestration potential by timber residential buildings estimated.