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Civil Engineering, Engineering Firm, Consultancy Firm
Consultancy , Design, Engineering
Required language
Dutch, English
Company size
Netherlands, Europe

About SBE

SBE is one of the largest independent engineering firms in Belgium. With a team of +/- 200 colleagues spread over 6 offices located in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain, we work on the design of civil structures such as bridges, tunnels, quay walls, locks and dikes. As specialized consultants, we are the "special forces" of civil engineering, because we only take action for very complex projects. We are also a family business and this translates into a friendly work-environment, short communication lines and a flat and flexible organizational structure.

In recent years, SBE has become increasingly active on the Dutch market with projects such as Zuidasdok, Afsluitdijk, Beatrixsluis, New Terneuzen lock and various deep-sea quay walls in the port of Rotterdam. In order to serve the Dutch market even better, we recently opened our first Dutch office in bustling Rotterdam. Now we are looking for passionate engineers to turn this into a success story together. We firmly believe that the "cross-pollination" between the Dutch and Belgians will take our team to a higher level.

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