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Van Rossum

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Consultancy , Design, Engineering, Building Structures , High Rise
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About Van Rossum

Van Rossum is much more than just a structural engineering agency. We act as advisers to our clients and as part of a design team, Van Rossum understands that it’s about more than translating a Design Brief into a plan.

We are interested in realising ambitions and aligning these within the available budget. That is why our work consists of directing; being the link between client, users, architects, project management and other advisers. And because we at Van Rossum have been doing this for a very long time, we are experts at organising integral solutions. In order to reach optimal results, we as structural engineers need knowledge of all aspects of construction. Only then can we construct a precise plan and produce a creative design. At Van Rossum, we call it ‘economic construction’: establishing a clear economic constructive concept from the first stages, guaranteeing the feasibility of project.

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