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Master students

Civil Engineering

From September 2022 the master program has changed. For MSc Civil Engineering you can choose one of the following tracks in Q2: 

  • Construction Materials
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Hydraulic and Offshore Structures
  • Structural Engineering
  • Traffic and Transport Engineering

As study association U-BASE is responsible for course evaluation and improvement for the master tracks Construction Materials and Structural Engineering. We also organise a lot of fun activities such as excursions and lunch lectures that are interesting for Construction Materials and Structural Engineering students.

Some relevant links for MSc Civil Engineering and the tracks Construction Materials and Structural Engineering are: 

Don't hesitate to contact Us with your questions about the Construction Materials and Structural Engineering tracks! 

Prerequisite knowledge

Prepare for your Civil Engineering Master's with PRE for CEM. It's designed to review and strengthen key subjects before you arrive in Delft. This resource aims to enhance the preparation of both international and local students pursuing Civil Engineering by providing Open Educational Resources aligned with your needs. It also includes resources for students looking to learn or catch up on Python and Probability/Statistics. Whether you need to refresh your bachelor's knowledge or acquaint yourself with track-specific subjects, this program has you covered. Concentrate on the topics you need to master, and explore the website for a precise and effective preparation.