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Study Tour 2022

Study Tour 2022 is going to Greece and Turkey and our main focus will lie on the vibrant cities Istanbul and Athens!

The trip route will start in the city of Athens, before travelling by ferry to a greek island and reaching Turkey. We will then go to the city of Istanbul and fly back to the Netherlands.

The final dates of the trip are from July 17 to July 30!

During these two weeks, we will do many great things. You can expect cultural visits, enormous civil engineering projects, beach days and some amazing nightlife!

The cost of the trip is 650€. It will include:

  • Flight tickets with luggage
  • All accommodation
  • Inland transportation and ferries
  • Group cultural activities
  • Company/University visits
  • Some meals

Motivation for the trip and involvement/participation to U-BASE events will be the criteria of selection! Show your best motivation and creativity when answering this form ;)

Hope to see U on the trip with us!!

Study Tour committee