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Speakers Value of Design!


Learn more about the speakers of Value of Design - Blueprints of Tomorrow!

First off, don't know what VoD is? Check it out here!

James O-Callaghan
Structural and facade engineer, as well as professor of Architectural Glass at TU Delft. He will talk about pushing the boundaries off glass as a building material, finding applications such as facades and staris in Apple stores around the world.

Siska Valcke
Senior Building Material scientist at TNO, specialised in concrete as a building material. Her work includes research on reduced cement mixtures, high strength and geopolymer concrete, recycling and reuse of the material and more!

Wolf Mangelsdorf
Architect, Structural Engineer and Partner at Buro Happold. Worked on projects like City of Dreams (Macau), Changi Airport (Singapore), Bejing International Airport (China) and more.

Marc Koehler
The counder of Marc Koehler Architects, and award winning multidisciplinary design and real estate company with a focus on people and the environment.

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